Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

How much is your information worth?

Our company specializes in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM). TSCM is also referred to as a sweep service. Our sweeps will search and locate any hidden transmitters, telephone taps, video cameras, microphones, and other recording devices. We are the licensed experts in the TSCM industry, and our staff licenses other TSCM operators all across the globe. Don’t be fooled by $200 RF Detectors that only search 5% of the frequency spectrum, or by the telephone tap detection devices that rely on voltage drops to find taps. It takes a well-trained professional to perform a complete sweep service, and that is who we are.

Sweeps are divided into three parts. Part I includes an Electronic Security Survey (ESS), and is designed to be a systematic search of the entire radio frequency spectrum. We identify all receivable transmissions and discern the presence of any unauthorized or covert transmissions to include frequency hopping, sub carriers and spread spectrum. Each hallway/room/office, including vents, ducts, equipment/furniture will be swept.

Part II is the Countermeasure Testing of Telephones and Telephone Lines (CTTTL). All phones and phone lines will be electronically tested using the CCTA-1000 or a Time Domain Reflectometer. Telephone canalization is conducted from the basement or frame room of a facility up to every phone, fax and computer instrument. All telephones on the premises will be tested electronically, dismantled and inspected for foreign devices and nonstandard wiring, including a search for any hook switch compromise, which allows the room to be “heard” when the phone is not being used.

Part III is a physical search that covers the entire designated area. This includes checking for unusual wiring as well as all standard wiring in the designated area.

Our final report will include an evaluation of existing security measures and procedures currently in use. This includes access control, video surveillance, perimeter security, building and mail room design, as well as executive protection programs. The CISG Sweep Team is ready to solve your eavesdropping problems. Your confidentiality is assured.

If you suspect you are being bugged, call us from a line that isn’t suspect such as a public payphone!

Security System Installation & Maintenance

Through our associate company we can provide complete security systems to suit your premises and budget.

CCTV Installation

We can provide a comprehensive portfolio of CCTV solutions to suit your specific requirements. We can provide standard format solutions or bespoke system design for more challenging applications.

We have the engineering capability to deliver cost effective and flexible installations while having the service facility in house to respond to any client issues within 24hrs. We have a reliable workforce who while being able to manage existing systems is up to date with the latest state of the art and evolving CCTV technology

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms and Burglar alarms are the number one way of preventing break in’s into your business or home, not only to protect your possessions but the occupants as well.

A sophisticated burglar alarm system is an absolute necessity for dissuading and catching thieves and trespassers on your premises. No matter what the size of your business (or home), modern burglar alarms offer comprehensive solutions to monitor your grounds, your buildings and specific high security areas inside. Alarm systems, along with CCTV cameras, can be monitored round the clock 365 days a year, giving you, your employees or your family total peace of mind.

Most businesses decide they would like their alarm system installed by the professionals to avoid any hitches, but the good news is that most modern systems are wireless alarms and can be installed with a minimum of fuss. If you already have a system that is hard wired, though, a new system can be installed using the old wiring.

Access Control

We provide access control mechanisms for managing physical resources, logical resources or digital resources. Door and Video Entry Systems provide an affordable extra level of security for home or your business .

Our flexible solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Including:

  • front & rear door vandal resistant systems
  • indoor integrated systems
  • access control using proximity tags or swipe-cards
  • video-entry systems